María Rozman
María Rozman (Marco Briones/Telemundo Denver)

Maria Rozman, a former host of the local Univision newscast, will be the face of the competition's new Spanish newscast Noticiero Telemundo Denver, which will launch on October 3.

According to Andres Chaparro, station manager of Telemundo Denver, after reviewing over 20 applications from local and national candidates and three weeks of interviews with four finalists, the station chose Rozman, who's been a journalist for 14 years, seven of those in Denver.

"Based on the experience she has, based on the community's respect for her, based on the feedback we had from her employers and above all the passion and the work she's done here in this market, she was the best candidate," Chaparro said.

Rozman returns to lead a local newscast after more than two years, since she left Univision in 2009. During that time, she kept busy with other television projects and as the Spanish program director at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting, a radio and television broadcasting school.

"I am thrilled to return to the media again, to return to television and to serve the community, which is really what most interests me," Rozman said Thursday from her home in Illinois, where she currently lives with her husband and three children. "It's been a long time that I've thought it is good for the Hispanic community to have options, different places to get information."


At least one of the two daily Telemundo Denver newscasts - the one at 10 pm - will have Univision's newscast as direct competition. The other newscast will be at 5:30 p.m.

"I think it's a different option, I think it will be dynamic, I think we have many resources," said the Spanish-born journalist who will also be executive producer of both newscasts.

Three weeks ago, Telemundo Denver and 9NEWS, the NBC affiliate in Denver, announced they had partnered to broadcast two newscasts in Spanish.

"Telemundo is embarking on a completely innovative project. 9NEWS is known to be number one and we will be working with them," said Rozman. "We will be able to cover many stories, not only those of interest to the community in general, but we are going to focus a lot on the Hispanic community."

Noticias Telemundo Denver will be the first Spanish-language newscast in Denver to broadcast in high definition and will be produced in 9NEWS' studios using their resources and Telemundo's staff.

"Telemundo Denver is completely happy to have María as the leader of Noticiero Telemundo Denver," said Chaparro. "We know she will bring our brand to a much higher level and will provide the best news with greater integrity and greater respect for the Hispanic community."