Fernando Sergio
Fernando Sergio

Television pictures do not lie, recently 26 bodies were discovered in the streets of Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico. This coupled with the beheadings and the mass killings paint a bleak picture in the neighboring country.

In the last five years more than 40,000 people have died because of the war that President Felipe Calderon declared on organized crime.

Nearly 80,000 soldiers were deployed in various regions of the nation, but criminal activity has not mitigated. According to experts, this is no longer confined to drug trafficking; it is a struggle for control of Mexico's society.And no wonder considering the money that revolves around this business. It is estimated that drug trafficking generates $30 billion in Mexico, in additon to other criminal activities of the cartels, such as kidnapping and blackmail usually perpetrated by its armed wing, the now famous "Zetas."

Calderón has sought to respond to criticism. For the Mexican president, the problem is complicated and requires great courage and patience. Calderon has also criticized the United States for its apparent inaction despite the implementation of "Plan Merida" which is supposed to help Mexico in this war. To his politicalarguments seeking to justify the failure of military mobilization.

Calderón is quite right. The United States still does not assume the responsibility that comes with this problem. The weapons that result in terrible atrocities and the drug market come from this country.

Besides, we now know that through operation "Fast and Furious" the United States allowed the entry of hundreds of automatic weapons into Mexico.


The solution lies in establishing a strategic alliance to promote short, medium and long-term strategies. This could mitigate violence, establish development programs in those poor areas that suffer criminal violence and implement reforms in Mexico's judicial and police systems.

This requires a strong commitment between the two countries, of looking at the future rivals these are fallacious despite a troubled past that gives rise to a justified suspicion. To expand the horizons in the understanding that the United States needs a secure and prosperous Mexico to maintain its global hegemony before the threat posed by China.

General Barry McCaffrey, former czar of the fight against drugs, warned recently about American passivity comparing the $10 billion spent each month in Afghanistan with the modest $400 million annually which guarantees the "Plan Merida." This is a national security issue that requires a bilateral solution, a strategic alliance.

- Fernando Sergio is the news director of Radio KBNO and also produces and directs the radio program "La Voz del Pueblo,"Monday to Friday from noon to 3 p.m.