LOS ANGELES - Marc Anthony says the new TV show that he will lead with his ex Jennifer Lopez is unprecedented, not only as it will highlight singers and dancers but also acrobats, painters and other artists from Latin America and the United States.

"Q'Viva! - The Chosen," which debuts in late January, is an ambitious production that includes dozens of Latino artists chosen in their countries of origin. Created with director Jamie King, who also serves as director, and the creator of "American Idol" Simon Fuller, the show will air in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

"It's the first time this has been done," Anthony said. "It's to celebrate what we have to offer with respect to art, music and what makes us Latinos."

Through a process of elimination, different types of artists will be chosen to participate in the show inspired by the art of Cirque du Soleil.

Some of the participants, who have not yet been announced, were selected by Lopez and Anthony, who co-produce the show, during their travels to various countries. In total, the former couple and other producers visited Latin America as a whole.

"I was in places such as Medellin, Colombia, Costa Rica and Mexico. Jennifer was in Uruguay, Peru, Chile, walking in the streets. Even in the jungle of Costa Rica," said the singer of hits such as "I Need to Know," "You came to me" and "Until Yesterday."

The talent search was also conducted via social networks Facebook and YouTube.


The salsa singer and the star of "Selena" and "The Wedding Planner" announced their separation in July. However, they have continued working together on "Q'Viva! - The Chosen" and last week shared the same sofa during the first day of shooting in Los Angeles.

Did their split somehow affect their show?

"No," Anthony replied.

King, who has worked as a designer for Cirque du Soleil, is in charge of the show in which the winners will participate. It will include acrobats, fire eaters, dancers, singers and drummers, according to Anthony.

"There will be lots of music, obviously, but it will be more a celebration of Latino art at another level," he said. "Imagine Cirque du Soleil. As you enter, the rhythms begin and a dancer goes up (on a scarf) and you can't see anything else ... Then a tango dancer comes out, and a Mexican singer. It's all a circus."

The music, he said, will include regional rhythms such as bagpipes, banda, salsa, candombe, bomba and plena.
Because several of the participants do not speak English or Portuguese, the program will have subtitles, said King, who has also been director of tours for stars like Rihanna, Madonna, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.

"The public will always know what is happening because we (Lopez, Anthony and I) will always be speaking English," he said. "It's multicultural. No one's ever done anything like this before: to create intentionally a program in three languages."