What happens when Spanish tragedy meets Harlem Renaissance?

Find out as the University of Colorado Denver's theater group presents "Blood Wedding" by Federico Garcia Lorca.

The Spanish poet's most famous work is a tale of forbidden love that premiered in Madrid in 1933.

Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes was such a fan of the Spanish dramatist that he made a pilgrimage to Spain and translated various poems as well as the first drama in Lorca's rural trilogy.

"The translation is very lyrical," said Jose Mercado, director of the UCD production. "Hughes has a beautiful grasp of Lorca's intent."

For some reason the translation stayed underground for 60 years. It is still seldom performed, according to Mercado.

During some of the more passionate and intense scenes, however, the actors will perform in Garcia Lorca's original Spanish. "It's exquisite to be able to taste the beauty of both languages," Mercado said.

He quoted lines like, "My tears burn like blood and my eyes are as sharp as thorns," language he called heightened but necessary to grasp the intensity of feeling.

"It's a rare opportunity to not only see this play but to see this translation," Mercado said. "It's really Spanish tragedy meeting Harlem Renaissance, and that's pretty darn cool."


Blood Wedding
Eddie Orozco:  Leonardo
Christina Trevizo:  Bride
Iliana Barron:  Wife
Jose Mercado:  Director
"Blood Wedding" (Boda de sangre) is the powerful drama about desire and betrayal by Spain's most renowned playwright Federico Garcia Lorca.  Based on a local newspaper story in 1928, Lorca composed a masterpiece about forbidden love and a society beset by honor in a surreal, Flamenco infused landscape.
Performances:  Feb. 23-25, 7:30 p.m., and Feb. 29-Mar. 3, 7:30 p.m.
Where: Rawls Courtyard Theatre
King Center, Auraria Campus
855 Lawrence Way
Tickets: $15.  $5 for students. Online at www.ahec.edu/kingcenter