A former safety manager and an ex-gang member who now works to keep kids out of trouble are among 13 people chosen by Denver City Council members to help pick commanders who will head six police districts.

Two council members, Jeanne Faatz, of Distict 2, and Albus Brooks, of District 8, chose to sit on the committee themselves rather than name someone from their communities to the group.

Denver Police Chief Robert White, who was sworn in last December, is reorganizing the police department, and asked Council members to name people to the committee, which will give him recommendations.

Among other things, his plan calls for replacing at least some of those now in command of the six districts.

Commanders who now hold the positions can reapply, but are not guaranteed they will get their jobs back.

White asked that each City Council member submit the name of one member of their community to sit on a selection board that will pick 12 candidates from among the applicants. White will make the final decisions.

District 1 Councilwoman Susan Shepard named Butch Montoya, who as the city's safety manager and deputy mayor from 1994 to 2000.

"You're looking for people that are innovative and somehow have been able to demonstrate that through their past police record as a supervisor," said Montoya.

At-Large Councilwoman Robin Kniech picked Francisco Gallardo, director of the nonprofit Gang Rescue and Support Project, which works to keep kids out of gangs.


"For me it is a balance between the reality of policing and the community needs and perceptions. Most community people want fair and just police and that is what I want," said Gallardo, a former gang member.

Also on the list are: Jamie Torres, director of the Office of Community Support; Nita Gonzales, president and chief executive of Escuela Tlateloco, a private school; Donald Tressler, a real estate broker; Had Beatty, investment partner with Arcadia Properties; Karen Cuthbertson, head of the Athmar Park Neighborhood Association; Angie Malpiede, Regional Transportation District director; Dick Brown, former city manager for the City of Fountain; E. Dean Brown Sr., president of Brown Reality Enterprises; and Taryn M. Brown; who was named by District 5 Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman.

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