A suspect was killed Tuesday in an officer-involved shooting in Denver.

Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson said an officer was taking a suspect in a drugs and weapons arrest to a station when the suspect somehow managed to try to overthrow the officer.

After a struggle, the marked patrol car came to a stop and the suspect was shot by police, Jackson said.

The incident happened in the 6300 block of East 39th Avenue just before noon and the suspect was pronounced dead at 12:10 p.m.

The marked patrol car with the suspect in it was being trailed by another marked police car. The following car noticed the lead car swerving, and the officer losing control, Jackson said.

The suspect had been arrested earlier Tuesday at a hotel on East Colfax Avenue. The officers were taking the suspect, who was not identified, to the District 2 station at 3921 Holly Street.

If the arresting officer was following protocol, the suspect should have been handcuffed and in the back of the car. Jackson could not immediately say whether that was the case.

Both officers were taken to a local hospital, one was immediately released. The other is being treated for "minor" injuries, Jackson said. The officer who was released is downtown being questioned about the incident. Neither officer has been identified.

Jackson could not say how many shots were fired, or whether both officers opened fire.


The incident happened in a non-residential area. Surrounding buildings are mostly warehouses and light industry.

More than a dozen investigators, including plain-clothes detectives were on the scene.

Police had East 39th Avenue taped off, just west of Monaco Parkway.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.