Daniel Borunda

The El Paso Police Department is investigating a month-old fender bender involving state Rep. Dee Margo and an off-duty police officer.

Margo, R-El Paso, said late Friday that he was surprised that the minor traffic accident in early September was under investigation because there was no damage to the vehicles and he has not been contacted by police.

"There was a policeman going to work at the (Westside) police substation. He cut me off on Osborne (Drive) and I tapped his bumper. We pulled into the parking lot," Margo said.

Margo said he is sure the other driver cut him off because Margo was on the right lane when the other car got in front of him. The car was not a patrol car and was the officer's personal vehicle.

"I said, 'Is there any damage to your vehicle?' And he said no and there was no damage to mine," Margo said. "I spoke to Chief (Greg) Allen the next day to see that everything was clear and Chief Allen said, 'Don't worry about a thing.' Quote, end quote."

Police Department spokes-man Detective Mike Baranyay said he could not disclose any names on a pending investigation but did say that the department is looking into a "very minor traffic accident."

"The report is not completed yet," Baranyay said. "It is an open investigation."

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