María Cortés González

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Set tree up, and "fluff" each branch as you go.

1. Use the largest stems first, the ones that will lay on the branches. Use all of one color at a time. If your tree is red and gold, put all the red on, and then the gold, etc. Be sure to save a few of each color for the top.

2. Stem should be "comma" shaped, so it's not too flat. Lay it on the branch to make it look like it is an extension of the branch.

3. Working in an obtuse triangle, place all of one kind of stem on the tree. Try not to let them line up vertically.

4. After the "flat" stem is on, start with the largest flower, or pick, and place them on, in an obtuse triangle. Make sure all flowers/poinsettias are shaped properly, and that they are looking at the sun. They should be put in the tree at a 45 degree angle, pointing slightly upward.

5. Start with the largest balls, or ornaments and place fairly deep in the tree. They will serve as a canvas, or color background. Place all of one color at a time, in a triangle pattern.

6. If you have any large focus items, such as a Santa doll, or birdcages, etc, nestle them in next. Do not line them up vertically.

7. Now hang the rest of the ornaments, placing in a triangle pattern as mentioned above, largest first, by color.



Put small "dangly" ornaments on last, along with any birds, or small items that clip on top of the branches.

9. Use glitter stems at the top: Place the first stem exactly vertical with the top of the tree. Then stick in the next one about 6 inches down from that one, and working in a circle, even out the "spray" of stem at the top by placing the other stem in at different "heights". They should be extensions of the tree branches.

10. Step back . Admire and Dance