Washington Valdez
A book about a treatment for Alzheimer's disease will be available online for free today and Saturday. Don Moss, author of "Alzheimer's: My Journey to a Next Generation Treatment," is offering the book that can be downloaded as an e-book on Kindle for this limited time.

Moss is a psychology professor at the University of Texas at El Paso, who's been working for 40 years on developing an effective drug to treat the memory-robbing disease.

The treatment he advocates uses methanesulfonyl fluoride (MSF), which has successfully passed toxicity testing, animal testing, human testing in Germany and Mexico.

It still faces hurdles before becoming available to patients, according to his book's publicity.

To download the free Kindle version, go to and search for "Alzheimer" and "Moss."

The book is based on the true story of the discovery and potential waste of a powerful advanced treatment for Alzheimer's dementia. It is also an exposé of how a major new hope for Alzheimer's disease may be lost forever.

The book describes a weekend experiment with a bizarre chemical out of an old lab freezer that led to the discovery that MSF could revolutionize Alzheimer's treatment.

Moss struggled alone to build a primitive lab and bring MSF, a simple and inexpensive drug, to the Alzheimer's community.

His 40-year odyssey includes overcoming setbacks, bumbling university administrators, and incompetent patent attorneys, as well as trips to Argentina and Mexico to find a way to prove that MSF can relieve the suffering of Alzheimer's patients.


In 2009, Moss told the El Paso Times that MSF helps increase the level of a brain chemical that plays a key role in memory. It helps restore some memory functions for several years so that Alzheimer's patients live better lives.

It doesn't stop or slow down the disease process, he said.

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