Ramón Rentería

It's beginning to feel like winter around here -- at last.

Woke up the other morning and the dog didn't want to leave the comfort of the indoor cage. (Perro chiple.)

It's a good thing typing is a lot easier and much warmer than erecting tall bridges on the interstate.

Officially, we can't tell you yet where the El Paso Times will move after we get evicted to make room for the new City Hall. Crews (presumably paid by the city) have been banging around, removing walls and doing stuff upstairs.

As you recall, we're among the Downtown workers displaced by the controversial proposal to build a Triple-A baseball stadium where City Hall now stands. The city bought our building.

As our management put it, the El Paso Times building outgrew us. This building used to house two newspapers until the El Paso Herald-Post died 15 years ago.

Someone said the honorable City Manager Joyce Wilson was up on the second floor the other day, sniffing around. Maybe she was simply marking her new turf. Or was she was just scouting the corner office upstairs that has a private outhouse?

Like they say, the corpse isn't even cold yet.

At one point last week, the crawl space between the first and second floors smelled like an electrical fire. Some of us wondered if we should worry about the building burning down. We said, "Yeah, whatever." After all, this is now la casa de Wilson. (Hey, that sounds like a good name for a fashion designer.)


The newspaper said Miss Las Cruces resigned after crashing into a power pole. She was charged with driving under the influence.

Drunken driving is no laughing matter. But you had to chuckle when they posted the beauty queen's police mug on television. Most of us look like deer in the headlights, scared and confused, when they snap our police mug. This chick was smiling. (Right on.) We'll never know if she was high or thought she was still posing for photos on the runway.

Newsroom philosophers said the judge should order the ex-beauty queen to pick up beer cans from the roadside in her tiara and evening gown as punishment. (Que gachos.)

Speaking of regrets, why don't rich vatos like veteran ABC newsman Sam Donaldson hire chauffeurs? He, too, was charged recently with drunken driving after a traffic violation stop in Delaware.

Anyway, have a safe and enjoyable holiday. We've already had too much grief.

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