Jeffrey Campos, former president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver, "just snapped" when he allegedly assaulted his then-mistress during a messy break-up last summer, the woman testified Tuesday.

Facing his ex-mistress for the first time since he was charged in August with misdemeanor assault, Campos quietly sat in court as Jennifer Reins testified. The real estate broker who carried on an 18-month relationship with him described how a break-up conversation escalated into an alleged attack just outside a Denver hotel.

"It got to a point where he literally just snapped and became very angry," said Reins, 34. "He said he had no idea of what he was capable of, that he's a crazy (expletive)."

The incident occurred, Reins said, near the Four Seasons Hotel following a tumultuous ride around city streets in which Campos allegedly roared his black BMW through traffic at high speed.

"I was hoping, praying that someone could hear me," Reins said of hotel patrons sitting in an outdoor patio.

During testimony that lasted about four hours in Denver County Court, Reins described a relationship that involved multiple promises by Campos to leave his wife and two grown daughters.

Failing that, Reins said she finally called Campos' wife to find out why they weren't divorcing.

During the break-up, Reins said Campos twisted her arm forcefully, grabbed her by the throat and generally accosted her throughout the evening.


Campos, 56, resigned his position from the chamber shortly after his arrest.

His attorney, Gary Lozow, has painted Reins as a woman intent on holding onto a "sugar daddy" she desperately needed for financial support, and that many of her allegations were concocted to keep him.

"This is an absolute fatal attraction," Lozow said, invoking the plot of a 1987 movie starring Michael Douglas and a crazed Glenn Close as his jilted mistress.