It was a day when a jilted mistress testified that her chief executive lover stole from his employer, a judge threatened to toss the assault case against the one-time boyfriend as a result, and Colorado's former House speaker said it looked to him as if the woman was the one ticked off, not the guy.

Day Two of the misdemeanor assault trial against Jeffrey Campos, former CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver, took a few turns Wednesday.

Saying she was "dangerously close" to declaring a mistrial, Denver County Judge Doris Burd struck from the record accusations by Jennifer Reins that married former boyfriend Campos was guilty of malfeasance and misappropriation while heading the chamber.

Reins said Campos, 56, was accused of "stealing money" from the chamber coffers "and doing some very unethical things," allegations he denied.

Former House Speaker Terrance Carroll testified about seeing Campos and Reins walking in Lower Downtown at the start of what became a five-hour argument that prosecutors allege escalated to an assault on Reins.

"She looked like she was really on fire," Carroll said, noting Campos appeared the calmer of the two.

Reins said she confronted Campos for an answer on why he had removed his belongings from an apartment they shared and was moving back with his wife.

Campos is accused of assaulting Reins, 34, during their messy break-up in July.

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