Immigrants hold the U.S. flag.
Immigrants hold the U.S. flag. (Stefano Paltera/AP)

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On June 15, 2012, the Secretary of Homeland Security announced the Deferred Action for Early Childhood Arrivals initiative, allowing many young undocumented immigrants the opportunity to receive work permits for two years and avoid deportation.

Because many of these young immigrants are an integral part of our community, Viva Colorado is hosting a live online immigration forum on Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 5 p.m. to answer their questions about the application process.

The government has received more than 72,000 applications and estimates more than 1 million may be eligible for the program, according to reports.

In recent weeks, many applicants have fallen victims of fraud and people looking to make a quick buck. That is why Viva Colorado has partnered with immigration attorneys, local immigrant-rights organizations and consulates, among other groups, to provide accurate information about the application process in English and Spanish.

"Unfortunately there are people who are not lawyers and are looking to take advantage of these people and their need," said the Consul of Mexico for legal Affairs Javier Maupomé, who will be participating in the online forum.


Top attorneys and representatives from the consulates of Mexico and Guatemala will answer questions regarding the documents the applicants need to apply for the program. Representatives of the offices of Sen. Michael Bennett and Sen. Mark Udall will address immigration reform topics.

Additionally, we will have representatives from immigrant advocacy groups and educational institutions including: Padres y Jóvenes Unidos, Alianza Guatemalteca, Colorado Immigrants Rights Coalition, Metropolitan State University and Colorado Heights University. They will discuss the services they offer for young undocumented immigrants and the possible effects this immigration initiative may have on their institutions.

"The age range of the people eligible for this represents a population which is much more linked to non-traditional media," Maupomé said. "There is a lot of opportunity to reach the largest number of people with this online forum."

The success of the forum is dependent upon the participation of the community. During the forum, you may type your questions directly into the live chat application on our website. You may also ask your question on either Facebook or Twitter @vivacolorado (use the hashtag #vivaforum). Please be sure not to disclose any personal or confidential information.

If you cannot participate or if you have a more detailed question please send it to before the event and we will try to answer it during the chat. The information will be available after the chat on our website at

List of Participants

  • AILA Colorado Chair and attorney Melanie K. Corrin  
  • Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition attorney Hans Meyer   
  • Padres y Jóvenes Unidos attorney Winter Torres 
  • Attorney Jeff D. Joseph 
  • Attorney David Simmons
  • Attorney Alyssa Reed 
  • Mexico Consul for Legal Affairs Javier Maupomé  
  • Consul General of Guatemala in Denver Manuel Estuardo Roldán Barrillas 
  • Eddy Garrido of Alianza Guatemalteca
  • Cynthia N. Armendariz of Metropolitan State University
  • Jason Johnson of Colorado Heights University
  • Simon Tafoya of Sen. Mark Udall's office
  • Representatives from Sen. Michael Bennet's office