I am a Latina with a bit of an identity crisis. I grew up in Northglenn and probably never realized I was Latina until I was graduating from high school and the counselor told me I'd qualify for some scholarships because I was "Hispanic."

I work in a male-dominated industry (construction) and have raised four girls and now help to raise six grandchildren. I want to be remembered for the creative arts - cross stitch, quilting, needle work, etc. My most prized possession is a crochet hook that belonged to my grandmother, Brigida Salazar. She used it to make beautiful trim - like tatting - on dresser scarves and dress collars.

She died before I was born, but I feel her presence when I crochet or cross-stitch and believe that Latinas are truly blessed with skills that need to be passed along to our children. Our love of home and hearth make it a priority in our lives to decorate and create the warmest home setting we can for our families.

My best creation would be a "wedding box" for my niece. The box included needles, thread, pins, spare pantyhose, etc. - all the things we might need to repair any slight mishaps before the Pagosa Springs wedding.

I am proud to be Latina - even as I explore what that means both to my family and my country.

-Celina Martinez, 47, Colorado native