Parents from Kepner Middle School are upset with proposed changes that may end up sending their children farther away from their neighborhood school. This is just another example of Denver Public Schools Superintendent Tom Boasberg and "the reform-minded school board" who don't bother to listen to the community or parents and just go ahead and implement their unilateral "school-reform plan."

No input needed or necessary. No assembly required, comes completely built by school board members who know nothing of your community or the specific educational needs of your children. Sorry, but there are no returns or guarantees that the new reforms will actually impact your children's education.

This situation has been repeated around the city, and when parents do speak up or are joined by community members, they are accused of being against school reforms.

All parents have asked for is the right to have input into the future educational needs of their children.

A DPS Town Meeting is generally a Power Point presentation that informs parents, students and teachers what already has been decided.

There is little or no opportunity to present input or suggestions. The reform school board that works for Boasberg merely rubber stamps many of the decisions since they control the majority on the school board. In a recent newsletter from Boasberg commenting on the last school board election, he referred to the pre-election rhetoric as "the low point of democracy."


No matter that thousands of dollars were spent by "reform-oriented school board candidates," from outside special interest groups, thousands of dollars that were used to spread lies, distortions about opponent candidates, and doing all that was possible to confuse the issues facing our school district.

I believe it is a shame when, the superintendent, instead of calling for unity on the board after the election, takes one more opportunity to widen the gap on the school board. It is time we stand with parents who want answers to their questions and concerns. It is time we supported one another when we have input and recommendations for changes. I merely ask parents to remember bad reform decisions will affect the educational future of your children.

To the parents at Kepner, we stand with you in demanding that the superintendent and his school board listen to your concerns and recommendations for your children.